Saturday 24 December 2016

Tweet, tweet, tweet

A festive Twitter exchange (delivered in a fascinating array of different fonts and font sizes, just because it's Christmas - or maybe because I just can't get the fonts right on Google Blogger):

Donald J Trump (to Twitter): The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes

Nick Robinson (to Twitter, re Trump's tweet): How kind. The Donald's Christmas gift to the world 

Tim Montgomerie (to Nick Robinson)America's gift to world; nuclear weapons (and conventional power) that US taxpayers fund has deterred war. We need a strong America

Nick Robinson (to Tim Montgomerie)It's perfectly possible to agree with you but question need for expansion of nuclear arsenal announced by Twitter.

Douglas Carswell MP (to Nick Robinson)Much better if done via pundits and reporters!

Nick Robinson (to Douglas Carswell MP)Or an address of perhaps more than 140 characters to your nation, Congress, the United Nations, NATO ....?

Douglas Carswell MP (to Nick Robinson): ....would the BBC give that honest coverage? Perhaps he tweets direct to folk who hear his views, not the pundits?

Nick Robinson ‏(to Douglas Carswell MP)Ye of little faith & at this time of year. Suspect message for V Putin not J Sixpack -"Don't mess with me ..." etc

Douglas Carswell MP (to Nick Robinson)Merry Christmas! 😎


  1. Carswell got Robinson to walk it back and tell a little white lie about it. Excellent. Nick's sarcasm certainly wasn't about the tweet being a message to Putin. His immediate response to Montgomerie's remark gives that away.


  2. Good to see that Trump, whatever else one might think of him, is seriously peeing off the MSM priesthood. I love that bit in his meetings where he challenges the news cameramen to turn round and film just how many people there are attending...they never do! It's great theatre and very telling, especially once you find out how they used to cover for Hillary's poor attendances.


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