Saturday 3 December 2016

On a Haydn to nothing

There was a pre-recorded report by Jenny Hill from Burgenland, Austria on this morning's Today. Jenny was reporting on the re-run presidential election there tomorrow. 

Go to 15:17 and, talking of that very election election, you'll hear her say, "The role of Austrian chancellor is largely ceremonial". 

She's confusing the Austrian chancellorship (the Austrian chancellor being the head of government) with the Austrian presidency (the largely ceremonial head of state) there...

...which only adds to my impression that the BBC should stop parachuting reporters into countries they don't understand.


  1. Jenny Hill should run as a Lib Dem MP.

    She seems eminently qualified.

  2. Jenny Hill: unprofessional in so many ways...

  3. Probably a slip of the tongue for an overworked, exhausted Jenny "You're Safe Now" Hill, right? I guess the BBC really is following through on its promise to cut back on sending the pros over with full team and kit to cover these important stories.


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