Saturday 10 December 2016

Half the story

Watching the BBC News Channel coverage of Peter Tatchell's protest against Jeremy Corbyn's Syria policy within the last hour (which included a clip from an interview with Mr Tatchell). I noted that neither the BBC report nor the following BBC-on-BBC discussion mentioned two of the more striking elements of the story, namely:

(1) that Shami Chakrabarti was heard telling the Labour leader “Just let them do this” and that Corbyn then asked Emily Thornberry, “When did we condemn the bombing?” (suggesting that the Labour leader is out of his depth), and... 

(2) that there was subsequently an exchange (widely shared on social media) between an angry Corbyn supporter and Peter Tatchell with the angry Corbyn supporter blaming Murdoch "and Rothschilds" for spreading the Syrian civil war "from the Golan Heights" (suggesting the hideous depths of antisemitism in Mr Corbyn's Labour Party).

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  1. Sorry, didn't see this when posting comment on above thread. Most Beeboids probably agree with the Corbynista scolding Tatchell, so it's uncontroversial.


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