Saturday 31 December 2016

Same old same old

The year ends but BBC bias goes on. Regulars won't be surprised that Dateline London's look-ahead to 2017 began with Brexit and with all four guests (from various parts of the left-liberal spectrum) being heavily downbeat about Brexit - so much so that even Gavin Esler called them "all you gloom-mongers" at one point. That's all that really needs saying about it. 

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  1. I presume Gavin said "All you gloom-mongers" in a congratulatory tone of voice as in "couldn't have done better myself".

    My favourite Brexophobic gloom monger is Matthew Parris. There's something very Bond-villainesque about the soft purring tones as he says something like: "We had a choice, the British people made their choice... it's not for me to decry their choice, but equally I am not going to get on board the Brexit train which in any case is probably heading for Auschwitz or something very like that destination, or so it seems to me, without wishing to put things too bleakly..."


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