Tuesday 27 December 2016

"Reverse BDS?"

This reads as sarcasm to me. Does it to you?


  1. Twitter is almost by definition the home of simplistic platitudes. Hardly a surprise that it is so popular with BBC journalists. Isn’t it time for Bowen to join Donnison in Sydney? That was sarcasm.

  2. Bowen is an idiot, living in a fantasy world. On this topic, check out how the BBC censored the most important part of the resolution condemning (again) the settlements.


    No mention at all that the point of this was to remove Jews from the Old City and the Jewish claim to it's only holy spot: the Western Wall and Temple Mount. Instead, the focus is exclusively on "settlements". Combine this with UNESCO's recent declaration that Jews and Israel have no historic right to access either, and you can see just how dishonest and partisan the BBC's coverage is.


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