Saturday 3 December 2016

Manuel Practices his English

I was particularly struck by the effort the BBC made to mark the sad departure of Andrew Sachs. I know the BBC goes into overdrive these days when people pass away, but there was another elephant in that room, which was of course the childish antics of those two oafs Ross and Brand. None of the BBC’s televised tributes to Sachs mentioned it at all; there was but a brief sentence on the website.

Who knows if the distress caused by that pointless escapade hastened his decline, but I couldn’t help feeling the BBC was making a futile effort to put things right. All those clips from Faulty Towers were very nice to see, but it all seemed as if the BBC was trying too hard to make amends. Which was impossible.

Some of the papers wrote about it, but the commentariat seemed to think it was inappropriate  to bring it up. Maybe so, but not for the BBC. 

(The clip is truly hilarious.)


  1. And of course, just as soon as the radio programme makers consider that sufficient time has elapsed, Jonathan Ross has been given a part of his old job back by the BBC. Business as usual.

  2. "Who knows if the distress caused by that pointless escapade hastened his decline." Are you competing with the Remainers to draw tenuous connections between unrelated events? I never heard of anyone contracting dementia or dying because of a prank 'phone call before. (I do agree that the clip is hilarious.)


      “Sachs compared Brand and Russell to “two teenagers on the rampage, laughing at their own jokes” and said their “lewd banter was deeply hurtful” and caused “huge stress to the family”.

      Chronic stress is known to accelerate Alzheimer’s disease.

      Oh, and surely a far more substantive example of “drawing tenuous connections between unrelated events” is you likening me to ‘remainers’ ;-)

  3. Just the other day I was using Basil Fawlty and Manuel to describe a work-related annoyance I was experiencing.

    After the BBC got so many complaints they had to do something after RossBrandSachsGate, I remember that Beeboids were mainly upset that enemy trolls of the BBC caused the Radio 2 Controller to lose her job over nothing.

  4. You say that the TV output didn't bring up Ross/Brand but the radio certainly did, Jeremy Vine and Last Word being two examples.
    I can't see what those pair had to do with a great actor or why those scum got to work for the BBC again, but then this is the BBC who can forgive Alistair Campbell but not Carol Thatcher.

  5. They`ve been doing the same re Cliff Richard.
    Funny what an upcoming court case can do...sense they`ll be playing Saviours Day and Mistletoe and Wine quite a lot in the coming few weeks.
    The BBC are either at your feet( Bonnie,Polly, Owen) -or at your throat( Melanie, Peter, Douglas, Nigel, Donald etc, etc)


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