Tuesday 6 December 2016

Tommy gun scandal

Tommy Robinson hasn’t been in the news recently. He hasn’t given another speech at the Oxford Union or been arrested for some obscure offence. Nor has he been caught hanging out with any of his allegedly dodgy advocacy groups or hobnobbing with any undesirables. (As far as I know) 
But I’ve just heard, belatedly, that he has been doing something unusual. He has been to Israel. 

Some people have criticised this trip. They say  it’s disingenuous, and that he’s somehow exploiting a cause to further his own racist agenda. Why take that attitude, I wonder?
His pro-Israel critics are at pains to distance themselves from him and his support, which they seem to regard as toxic. The irony is that both Israel and Tommy Robinson have been subjected to large amounts of unfair and unjustified  vilification, yet Marcus Dysch of the Jewish Chronicle fails to make the connection.

Tommy Robinson isn’t the most eloquent interviewer who’s ever been filmed, but it’s interesting, The press coverage of this, for what it’s worth, is varied. Some reports are sympathetic, others are plain pathetic. We all manipulate the facts, some more malevolently than others.


  1. Ah, so he has been hanging out with undesirables. Undesirables to the BBC, anyway.

  2. The British officers in Palestine in the 1920's were good at propaganda and manipulating the facts and inciting the Arabs to violence against the Jews . Their aim " have a federation of semi independent Arab States .....looking to Great Britain as a protector" ( Battleground Fact and fantasy in Palestine by Samuel Katz ( 1985)

  3. Tommy (not by choice) is probably the best Muslim scholar that we now have who`s an autodidact, owing to no-one. Poor lad has had to learn it all in prisons and on the streets of his home town Luton, None of us are to judge what he`s been through, now going through and will go through until we back him. Of course, he gets it wrong-don`t we all? But he`ll be regarded as a pioneering martyr for free speech much as Nigel and Donald are.

  4. What exactly is it about mortgage fraud that is so 'obscure'?

    1. I assume that was OT.

      I thought that (mortgage fraud) was Mandelson.

  5. I think Marcus is hoping to get a job at the BBC as he left leaning articles are becoming more and more blatant.


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