Saturday 14 January 2017

Friendly advice

Given that Dateline London has a large global audience, surely it's now  incumbent on its producers to include at least one pro-Trump US commentator among its cast of regulars from now on? 

It's no good just having Trump-hating US liberals like Michael Goldfarb and Jef McAllister and no Americans whatsoever sympathetic to the incoming US administration. Otherwise, it's just going to be a Trump-bashing echo chamber every week for the next four years - and fun as some people will find that prospect, it's hardly giving BBC viewers a representative range of world opinions. 

People (other than me) are starting to notice, so Dateline urgently needs to mix things up, broaden their spectrum of voices, become less biased. 


  1. "surely it's now incumbent on its producers to include at least one pro-Trump US commentator"

    You'd think, but this is an 'impartial' BBC programme that has Brexit discussions with only remainers, and once had a Falklands topic panel that, including the host, concluded the UK was 'sabre rattling' by beefing up defences in response to Kirchner's latest bonkers threat.

    Having just watched Songs of Praise, I am totally baffled as to what happened in the editing process. The programme was about Donald Trump's mother's family roots in Lewis. Suddenly, almost mid-sentence we were whisked away from Sally's commentary in Lewis to Stoke-on-Trent to hear the stories of refugees and the good work the local church there was doing. And then, we returned again with no continuity explanation to Lewis for the remainder of the programme. Did something that jarred with the editors have to be removed at short notice? Or, was the balance all wrong for the BBC's narrative? - Perhaps it was showing Trump's ancestors in too good a light!

    1. Probably a last minute decision to 'balance' the inclusivity requirements - seamlessly? - definitely not.

    2. It's a bad day for truth again. Another rewrite of BBC history. Countryfile, that well-known patronising programme has Adam on an away-day to New Zealand. He mentioned Captain Cook's discoveries referring to him as a European Explorer. Are the BBC determined to dispense with individual national heritage within Europe?

    3. "European" in this context is the catch-all descriptor meaning "white" or, rather, "white, criminal, racist, homophobic exploiter and despoiler of a black paradise". By the way, being described as "white English" is the ultimate BBC insult so I suppose "European explorer" is a sort of compliment.

    4. Supporting the pro-rapid, mass immigration agenda was required for broadcast. Trump is portrayed in the same dishonest way the BBC portrayed Brexiters: as wanting to pull up the drawbridge, zero immigration of any kind. The point of showing Trump's immigrant roots is to highlight his assumed evil hypocrisy on the matter. Reminding the viewer of the sheer awesomeness of immigration by dishonestly conflating economic immigration with 'immigration', full stop, is always part of the BBC agenda. See Nick Robinson's dishonest documentary on the issue as an example.


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