Thursday 12 January 2017

One factual error corrected

The BBC's Corrections and Clarifications page now carries the following 'clarification':

This is a partial success for BBC Watch whose complaint brought that brief summary (on the BBC's Corrections and Clarifications page) about.

They are still pursuing other parts of their complaint.

The BBC's response to BBC Watch (re Shaun Ley on The World Tonight) is worth sharing - though you will have to click on it to enlarge it in order to read it!:


  1. The problem is no one reads the "Corrections and Clarifications" page. Once the disinformation is broadcast - its believed. The BBC know this. These "errors" should be read out on the programme where they where first aired. Or better still the BBC should check their "facts" before opening their mouths.

  2. Amazing. We've only been complaining about this for years. The question is, will it enter the BBC training and style guide, or will it be forgotten again until the next lie?

    1. It will be forgotten and "business as usual"


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