Friday 13 January 2017


Methinks he probably thinks he's being impartial there. Methinks others won't have seen it like that.

Should Norm, the BBC's deputy political editor, be methinking out loud like that anyhow? It's a hot political issue, so why is he sounding off like a blogger about it at Mrs May's (and the licence fee payer's) expense?

Of course, he could very well be right on both points. But, methinks, that's not the point. 


  1. No. Norm is bent. Forsooth.

  2. The BBC has decided to prosecute the Conservative Government over the "crisis in the NHS". Of course it's an old stand by with which to undermine the Tories.

    R4 News 6 pm, the pressure on the NHS was the headline. Not the more news worthy disintegration of the Labour party (resignation of Hunt) or evacuations on the East coast.

    Why ... well the feature ended by spelling it out. The reporter noted that the Tories were referred to as the nasty party by Teresa May and that the NHS is always their achilles heel. This crisis was yet another example. Stunning bias. I really don't want this anymore.

    1. At least the BBC is being consistent on the solution offered in each case: throw more money at it.

  3. I don't know about this one. It's the same thing the Tory press is saying.


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