Monday 23 January 2017

Nick agrees with James


  1. Just as James Cook seems to find it beyond his ken that you can both criticise an organisation and support it (like you do your favourite football team) so too our MSM geniuses seem to have a problem with "alternative facts". But it is a perfectly valid concept. When you make a judgement you take into account various facts and which ones you take into account may well determine your judgment.

    The MSM were keen to focus on a few facts to reinforce a narrative of Trump being unpopular. They used some "facts" - e.g photos of Obama's inauguration - to make their point. But there are alternative facts: it's a fact that Washington is a Democrat and big African-American city. It would have been strange if Obama hadn't got a huge turnout. But there are other alternative facts e.g the photo shows there were marquees in some parts where there were none for Obama. It is a fact that the Trump inauguration was watched by more people around the whole planet than the Obama inauguration.

    One thing you can bet, Trump doesn't let a slight go unpunished. I predict there will be a two million strong pro-Trump rally before his Presidency is done.

  2. I find it a bit sad that poor Nick is so trusting that he obviously thinks that the BBC only deals in facts.

    1. Our friend Nick knows exactly what he's doing.

      Nasty piece of work he is. Typical 'security' services operative. Plenty of them at auntie.

  3. The media is now being held to account for all the lies they allowed and promoted for Hillary and while Obama was in power.

    The cold steel: they do not like it up 'em!

  4. This would be 'Nick 'anonymous sources close to the BBC covered by FOI exemptions say' Robinson, I presume?

  5. Has anyone seen the BBC's 'First 100 Days' page and live blogging for Trump?


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