Friday 27 January 2017


It looks as if #DespiteBrexit might be about to be displaced by #SoFar. This tweet from the BBC's Norman Smith, for example, comes from deep inside the #SoFar camp: 

As did Kamal Ahmed's report on last night's BBC One News at TenYes, the economic news has been good and the experts confounded but there's still what Kamal called "the shadow of Brexit". 

And, spoken with a dying fall, his report ended with these ominous words:
The nation of shoppers forges on. Britain's growth last year was the highest of any of the major Western economies. Are we still waiting for the full Brexit effect?
Update: Kamal Ahmed's blog post on the same subject is open for comments. The top-rated comments are all making similar points. Here are the Top 5 comments:

  • If there had been no Brexit vote and no US election, you'd have been praising the British economy and saying how strong it was. Your article is based entirely on the presumption of pain based on these two events as predicted by those who wanted a different result.
  • Here we go again-BBC watering down the good news and moving the goal posts. Pre-Referendum, we were told there would be emergency budgets, instant recession, all sectors would suffer etc. Virtually every prediction made by Remain before the referendum has proven wrong yet, ironically, Brexit is still accused of misinformation! Things are on track for Team GB. More than can be said for the EU!
  • Pain? What pain? We are now at the start of a long and exciting journey of discovery with all the indicators being in the right direction after years of floundering in the sticky morass of EU red tape. Long may it continue.
  • At some point the economy will take a dip. The economic cycle. This will be global factors and not Brexit. Please BBC give it a rest.
  • I, for one, am sick and tired of hearing Ahmed's and the BBC's negative, anti-British, pro-EU, and totally biased reporting. As Ahmed said: "And, of course, confidence tends to beget confidence" - and, so does pessimism beget pessimism! The true British character is to be optimistic and get on with the job.


  1. Someone should be scoring Kamal Ahmed's reporting skills - how about 2 out of 10? More than most, he seems to spend his time 'explaining'.

    1. Kamal Ahmed scores 98% for sharp shiny suits,, 5% for pleasant vocal delivery, 3% for correct predictions, and 1% for impartiality.

  2. "So far, so bad" is how Norman Smith and the BBC Remainers (i.e. 99.8% of staff) think.

  3. Kamal's HYS could be going better for Kamal, the BBC and 'news'

    1. I've just posted an update about that very thing.

      "Please BBC give it a rest" sums it up.

  4. So far, the so-called British Broadcasting Association has been convincing more people than ever that it's filled with biased Lefties who cannot control themselves and aren't aware of the groupthink, despite Brexit.


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