Sunday 29 January 2017

Quotable quote

Ah, Andrew Marr and his little jokes! Here's how he began today's show:
So, what do you do when the President of the United States grabs you by the hand and starts to squeeze? You keep gamely smiling on, remembering your inner vicar's daughter. There may be quite a lot of brave smiling still to come.


  1. Marr let Nadhim Zahawi lie about being banned by Trump. I say uncategorically that Marr knows it's false and is allowing it anyway because he added a qualifier.

    "as you understand it." So Marr knows it's not true, but is letting this happen anyway.

    No mention of the specific countries on the list, or why they are on the list, why there is a list in the first place, or who put it together.

    People who are coming from those countries after doing military or diplomatic or similar duties are not affected by this ban.

    Fake News, blatant, deliberate propaganda produced by Andrew Marr. No question. Lies.

  2. Harriet Harman telling the lie that it's a ban on Muslim countries, Marr allowing the lie. He knows it's a lie, and they don't care.

    Having said that, Marr was being fair to Theresa May, at least.

    1. Andrew Marr never seems to ask his guests the most penetrating questions.

      For example I wanted him to ask Harriet Harman what degree she did finally get, because (according to her autobiographical tale about the deceased university professor) if it was a 2:1, she did sleep with him; if it was a “tutu” she didn’t)
      Jolly mean to put it in a book when he was beyond reply, though a useful excuse for achieving a poor degree.

      As for Nadhim Zahawi, innocent Muslims who are sadly caught up in the ‘war on terror’ could reasonably be viewed as victims of said terror.

  3. Please David. The BBC does not represent me. It is a failed institution that needs scrapping. It is an embarrassment to Britain. #notmyBBC.

    1. Laura K. likes to think they do. They all do pretty much, except when they're condemning half the country for not holding the approved thoughts, that is.

    2. Cross my hand with silver....

      Peter17 November 2016 at 18:20

      "Looking at the comments, the BBC may not be speaking for as much of the nation as it has presumed up to now, either

      I also do weddings and Bar Mitzvahs...

  4. The BBC are now the rubber sheet that Jimmy Savile ought to have been buried in.
    Kuennsberg has done no end of good for us-if not for her fellow spongiforms at Liberal Lollards HQ.


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