Saturday 21 January 2017

Woman's Hour doesn't like Donald Trump (shocker)

Of course, I might have been unfair to Woman's Hour earlier in noting that their reaction to the Trump inauguration was to discuss something so inherently 'BBC' as this:

To be fair, they did have other angles this week: 

I know they are impartial, what with being a BBC programme and all that, but, if I'm honest, I've got to admit to a sneaking suspicion that they really don't like Donald Trump.

Still, they did have a nice Democratic presidential wife and her fashionable clothes to discuss too:

Impartiality-wise, Woman's Hour has got away with murder for years. 


  1. I've noticed recently WH have gone from being straightforwardly biased to being nuttily conspiratorial. Two women had exchange recently where they enthusiastically agreed that when women began to dominate a field e.g. academia, men would start to deliberately devalue and undermine said field of endeavour. The presented remarked darkly it was something "we" would have to "keep an eye on". So, these two nutjob conspiracists would have us believe that there is a huge male conspiracy out there which as soon as female representation goes over 50% in say applied thermodynamics, will immediately start dissing applied thermodynamics and its relevance to the modern world. Truly this is conspiracism of "moon landing" levels.

    I think this is a kind of diversion strategy, because for decades WH has been campaigning for "equality" but now women are becoming the dominant gender in many areas of activity, of course the "equality" arsenal that has been built up over the years is at risk of exploding and wiping out feminism's moral advantage.

  2. Just enjoy the post-menopausal freak-out on all available liberal orifices like WH and Channel 4 News.
    Trump has stuck his twiglet into the butterfly net of lefty feminist privilege...oh dear, this was never meant to happen.
    The Left simply have never needed to argue a cause now since 1979-the culture has been theirs by default. And Now they NEED a brain-they now find that it atrophied after years of coasting as well as being able to send the goon squads like Occupy into the universities.
    No syntax any more-only we on the Right have the years of having had to think for ourselves.
    The Left is dead-bury it whilst you can.

  3. The pictorial timeline on my Twitter feed from this march has been an eye opener. It is hard to know where the lady parts are cosplay or on display.


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