Saturday 28 January 2017

Bigly biased

I've been away for most of today but one of the BBC reporters on my Twitter feed, Quentin Somerville, quickly gave me a good flavour of the BBC's reaction to President Trump's executive order to keep out Islamic terrorists. 

Quentin's tweets and re-tweets have been uniformly opposed to the move. He is emphatic that the move is a terrible one - and a big win for Islamic State. 

("The Islamic State wins. Bigly", he tweeted about the order. "When I spell "bigly" it autocorrects to "bigot", he quipped, referring to President Trump.)

If I didn't know better I'd have assumed from reading them that Quentin is a political activist rather than an 'impartial BBC reporter', but that's the Twitter feeds of 'impartial BBC reporters' for you! 

He's definitely not a happy 'impartial BBC' bunny. 

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  1. It's gonna be great folks! The more he ramps it up (aka fulfils his election pledges) the more he smokes out the faux impartials of the BBC.


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