Sunday 8 January 2017

For lovers of Twitter conversations everywhere...

Julia Hartley-Brewer (talkRADIO): I'll have to drink heavily today. Tomorrow I'm on #Marr with Remoaners-in-chief Craig Oliver (sorry, Sir Craig) & Steve Richards. Dear lord.
Richard Osman (Pointless): If you go through the whole of the Marr show tomorrow without saying 'remoaner' I'll donate to the charity of your choice.
Julia Hartley-Brewer: How much?
Richard Osman: Depends on the value of the pound.
Julia Hartley-Brewer: Very good. Can I say Remainiac instead?
Richard Osman: Yep, that's much funnier.
Julia Hartley-Brewer: How about you double it if any of the contestants on Let It Shine actually hit the right note tonight?
Richard Osman: And that stage looks suspiciously like the EU flag.
Julia Hartley-Brewer: Genuine lol
Boho&Daisies (tweeter): How about he does the same for the two 'remoaners' on with you if they don't say 'xenophobia', 'racist' 'lies' & 'bus'
Richard Osman: I'll accept all of though conditions except 'bus'. Although this is now getting complicated.
Julia Hartley-Brewer: It's a deal.

It's got worse for Julia since. 

The Remoaners-in-chief she mentioned (Sir Craig Oliver, Steve Richards) have been joined on this morning's Marr by other Remoaners-in-chief: Ken Clarke and Nicola Sturgeon. And Remain-backing Tory Justine Greening is on too. That's a heck of a lot of Remainiacs for just one show! 

And just Julia Hartley-Brewer to put the other point of view.

Update: Andrew Marr called Julia H-B a "Brexiteer". (He didn't apply any equivalent label to, say, Steve Richards). Maybe Richard from Pointless should have tweeted him too.

Further update: Andrew Marr's attempt to make the resignation of Sir Ivan Rogers a big item on his paper review saw Steve Richards and Sir Craig Oliver 'big up' Sir Ivan and Julia H-B give him a right good bashing. The section ended with the following exchange.
Julia Hartley-Brewer: He's clearly unfit for the job. His emailed resignation made him clearly unfit for the job. And he should be out of the Civil Service, as he is. Goodbye! Good riddance!
Andrew Marr: We'll hear his side of the story a little bit more from Ken Clarke...
Julia Hartley-Brewer (interrupting): I think we already did, didn't we!
Andrew Marr: ...later on.


  1. I am not sure I invented Remainiac but if not I was certainly one of its very early adopters and used it extensively on comments. I think it gets to the heart of the irrational nature of many who support the Remain cause. Remainians had some early did Remains...and then there was the neutral Remainers.
    But now Remainiac and Remoaner seem most favoured.

  2. Ah, Andrew Marr, he of Trumpestuous homages:

    Heartbreaking. In his case, literally (H/T Lefty on BBBC).


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