Sunday 22 January 2017

It is clear! It is clear! It is clear!

Diane Abbott was on The Sunday Politics again today. Andrew Neil, alas, didn't take the opportunity to introduce her by saying:
Hello, and welcome to The Sunday Politics. On the show this week: a hamster who controls people's minds through telekinesis; an aspidistra which has the power of speech; ...and DIANE ABBOTT!?!?
 Naturally, it was a car-crash interview. It always is. 


  1. As the bowl of petunias said, again, with good reason; 'Oh no, not again'.

    1. I was thinking the same thing the bowl of petunias was.

  2. We saw this episode already. Same issues, same bumbling obfuscation, same blinking in the headlights. A complete waste of Andrew Neil's time, and of mine. He should be angry at his producers for not being able to come up with a decent guest and to make him go through this nonsense.


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