Friday 13 January 2017

That’s another beauty

"Donald Trump. He wakes up at 5 o'clock in the morning - as men of a certain age do. He maybe goes to the bathroom. He comes back, sees something. Enraged. Bang! 140 characters. It's out there".              Jon Sopel, Today (12/1)

David Keighley's latest piece for The Conservative Woman makes some telling points about the BBC's rampant Trumpophobia...
Their watchword? Never let the facts – or niceties such as the journalistic ethics covered in the BBC's Editorial Guidelines – get in the way of a chance to kick this (in their estimation) dangerous buffoon.
...and notes that "the BBC has now abandoned any pretence of impartiality in the reporting of what is sees as ‘populism’":
Is there anything the BBC won’t now do to discredit Donald Trump or figures on the so-called Right?
David also makes a very good point about the BBC treatment of Nigel Farage:

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  1. Jon Sopel talking of men of a certain [insert cute allusion here] is quite brave going this route.

    I seem to recall him 'reporting' for one of the BBC's odd commercial channels about the wife of a mid east despo... prince who was selling soap with gold flakes in it. Pretty sure he had a nice room and board to do so.

    To be fair was probably factually correct, but oddly free of that famous BBC 'analysis' it so often accords those less gilded in its eyes.


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