Tuesday 23 May 2017

All you need is love

“Not allowing terrorism to dictate the way we live our lives.”

“It’s important we don’t let a kind of suspicion divide us. The key to Manchester’s success over centuries has been it’s a vibrant city where people have learned to come and trust each other and live together and we mustn’t let the terrorists dictate the way that we live our lives.”[..]“We’ll particularly reach out to those who might be vilified asa result of last night.” 

In what sense? 

“Well I think inevitably there’s always, after an event like last night, there’s always a tendency to create blame by association and so we must make clear that is not a way that we behave or react.
The guilt for last night belongs to the perpetrators and to the perpetrators alone. It doesn’t go beyond - beyond them, and we - together we unite and we root out those malign influences in our society.” 

So what’s your message to Manchester’s Muslim communities - Greater Manchester’s Muslim communities this morning? 

My message to the Muslim community is - you are one with us, just as you were yesterday, you are one with us, part of us, a vital part of us this morning and you will go on being a vital part of us. You will be part of how we together respond to last night. You will be part of how we together repair the damage, rebuild what’s been destroyed and how we go forward as the fantastic, vibrant, diverse city and community that we are. 

And how confident are you that when you say those words very powerfully this morning, that they are hears and appreciated by others, non-Muslims in Manchester, and indeed on other parts of the country? 

When I first made a comment on social media the trolls were up and about and presenting their malign influence, but they are a very tiny minority and they are the ones we need to isolate in this, not major aspects of our community, but I think most of us are good enough at distinguishing between what is the truth in this and what is the message of hate, and you know, again and again, a little phrase -  “love wins” and that’s an important phrase today in Manchester as it is in many places in many times. 
Love wins

To counteract that “all you need is love” message, try City Journal      or:     Spiked Online.
Remember when the IRA were terrorising us? They would give coded warnings by phone, real or fake. It was as scary as it was intended to be.  Sometimes there really were bombs, sometimes not. There was a warning before the big one in Manchester in 1994, but as it came during a spate of hoax warnings, some people had become so blasé that they chose to ignore it. (Chetham’s School of Music).

Islamic terrorists don’t want to divide us, don’t particularly care whether we change our way of life or carry on as usual. They don’t phone us up to warn us and they don’t try to scare us. They just want to kill us and I really don’t think love is all you need. 


P.S. Did anyone blame the Jews for the IRA bombings?


  1. Arch priest of globalist PC liberalism Mark Easton on BBC - the only one they can trust to do the "right thing" when it comes to analysing the causal mystery that is Manchester ...Perp was a "Normal boy" it appears. But it seems he had a "hateful ideology" (what could it be? no clues). No clue as to what it is. The "normal boy" returned from Tripoli recently. The briefest of brief references to Manchester being a centre of Islamist extremism.

    Followed up by Daniel Sandford who is at a loss to think of a reason why the "normal boy" would turn against the country that gave his family refuge.

  2. How do you repair the damage, rebuild what has been lost, when its is your daughter, your mother, your wife?

    The enemy is Islam. Ridicule it, get rid of it. It has no place in the UK, Europe or the World.

    Turning the other cheek will not end it. Even when we officially become an Islamic nation the factions of this death cult will still be at war with each other.

  3. The political elite want us to carry on "as normal", not enquire to the real causes of such actions and not draw logical conclusions.

    The danger of this sort of attack does not lie in the tragic loss of life, or even young life, horrendous though that is. The danger lies in how this sort of attack is used:

    (a) So called "moderates" (ie followers of Sharia engaged in peaceful Jihad) use this as a wedge to drive Sharia forward ("You must respect our moderation, our faith and our belief in Sharia - you must make concessions to us - order violence will prevail.").

    (b) If the Jihadis can keep up a drumbeat of attacks with no end in sight, that in itself is destabilising and will eventually lead to mass emigration of non-Muslims.

    (c) In order not to frighten the public and "divide" us, the media - led by the BBC - redouble their propaganda efforts to present Islam as a normal part of society.

    We need a cold dose of reality and some practical policies.

    1. Make it illegal to conspire to introduce Sharia courts into the UK.

    2. Ensure Sharia courts operate in English, record their hearings in full and do not pass judgement on any matter on which the UK Parliament has made law. Severe penalties.

    3. In the case of all persons with double citizenship, if found guilty of terrorism related offences, strip them of their UK citizenship and deport them.

    4. Reintegrate Islamic schools into the state system and place the evening and weekend schools under supervision.

    5. Close down and confiscate the resources of all facilities, whatever their religious status where they are found to be promoting Sharia.

    These commonsense policies are not even up for discussion which is why we are on a course of national suicide. Eventually we will see mass emigration of people who do not wish to be dominated by Sharia, to Australia, USA, Canada, Ireland, Spain, NZ and India. The UK will be dead.

    1. Unfortunately the US has a policy of giving preference to non-Europeans, (to get 'balance'), Canada is enacting anti-Blasphemy laws, (guess for whose benefit?), the EU has declared itself to be 'non-Christian', NZ will probably revert to be 100% Maori, (no 'Whites' please) and Australia is as bonkers as us. It will have to be India, they had the sense to create Pakistan.


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