Sunday 21 May 2017

Sunset and dawn

It's a lovely evening here in Morecambe tonight. The blackbirds are singing as the sun begins to set behind the Lakeland hills like a big orange being eaten by the horizon. (Simile of the year? Nobel Prize for Literature?)  

So it's lovely to be able to say that someone (if only one person) at the BBC appears to have finally 'got it'. 

"The 48%", according to polls (which we all believe), are now merely "The 22%" (dedicated to resisting Brexit). "The 52%" have increased to "The 69%" (dedicated to 'getting on with it' with regards to Brexit).

The BBC has been very reluctant to dwell on that or spell out its implications so far, but, credit where credit's due, Nick Robinson is now doing so:

It's to be hoped, impartiality-wise, that the Today programme pursues this, and that the BBC as a whole registers this too.

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  1. I can only think that Nick Robinson is in despair and that this factual observation (which was actually evident to any fair-minded observer - or indeed any semi-competent journalist - nine months ago actually) is a kind of Gotterdammerung lightning bolt thrown at those who have failed the Remain cause.


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