Monday 29 May 2017

Get Douglas!

The Muslim Council of Britain has complained to the BBC about Douglas Murray's appearance on The Sunday Politics

They are trying to discredit him and influence the BBC. 

Simultaneously, Baroness Warsi has unleashed the 'ad homs of war' (and the racism card) on Douglas in her attempt to influence the BBC:

It looks as if a campaign to keep Douglas Murray off the BBC is underway. It's up to the BBC now to resist it and not to cave in to it. 

I'm not feeling too optimistic about that though. 


  1. Quite a piece of work, Warsi. Not only does she want authors charged with blasphemy, she also wants to ban any criticism of Islam on television.

  2. Let us never forget that Warsi was touted to us by the dreadful Cameron-Osborne combo as the modern face of Islam...OK, if that is correct, the modern face of Islam hates free speech, refuses to co-operate with the Prevent programme and is scowling at the rest of us with unjustified grievance.

  3. Murray is class. Top bloke.

  4. Douglas Murray just has a fear of high buildings and a very strong self-preservation instinct.

    1. Yes - how very unnatural and perverse not to want to be thrown off a high building with limbs bound...Maybe some of these keen Jihadists should have their perversity tested.


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