Sunday 21 May 2017

One swallow?

Call it wishful thinking, but I've not seen James O'Brien on Newsnight for ages. 

Has the BBC seen sense and realised that by adding such a partisan figure from one part of the political spectrum to their rota of Newsnight presenters while not adding a partisan figure from the other side of the political spectrum to that same rota reeks of bias? 

Or has it dawned on Ian Katz that James O'Brien was allowing his biases to shine through too much that it was making it far, far too easy for bloggers like me to shoot James O'Brien-shaped fish in a Newsnight-shaped barrel and, thus, 'not helping' the BBC?

It was be lovely to think that James O'Brien has been decommissioned by Newsnight because of concerns over BBC impartiality.

Has he though? Or will he rise from the scrapyard again soon?

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  1. Seems unlikely that the BBC are concerned about bias. If they were concerned about bias they would not have launched their "Impeach Trump Now!" campaign which began six months before he was elected.


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