Sunday 7 May 2017

Pandering to Arab nations

The BBC hardly reports any genuine news these days. It’s more interested in stories about itself, such as who’s lined up as the next Dr. Who, or assorted gossip about various BBC productions.

Of course it reported John McDonnell’s comments about whether or not he is an actual Marxist, but as such revelations often emerge directly from interviews with BBC staff, this  still loosely qualifies as insularity.
Andrew Marr does an interview, then bits of it are revisited on The Sunday Politics (when they did dig up a 4 year-old clip of John McDonnell stating unequivocally that he is a Marxist.) So, all good.

One subject area about which the BBC is less than forthcoming is “general matters concerning Israel”, where any news we do get is seen from the Palestinian or the anti-Zionist perspective.  The language as well as the narrative is the giveaway.

In March the Independent reported that a British Royal (Prince Charles) was to become family’s first member to make state visit to Israel later this year’. 
Being the Independent, the piece was frosty. Unsurprisingly the Palestinian point of view was given considerable coverage; the piece could easily have been written by the BBC. If one bothered to read the whole thing, however, one would soon have realised that the headline was misleading, premature and presumptuous. The Prince’s visit was by no means a certainty. I don’t know why they bothered with the story in the first place.  

Now it’s the Sun’s turn. The visit that never was, has been cancelled.  I don’t know why they even bothered. 

Well, it’s not quite a non-story about the man who wasn’t there (and certain people wishing he wasn’t there again today) …. it’s more of a tale about the Foreign Office and the Arab lobby. 

Needless to say, the BBC hasn't reported this story or (as far as i can tell) the earlier story far.


  1. Isn't it remarkable how often that the Sunday 'news' comes from the Andrew Marr show?

    It starts along the lines: "Minister, when did you stop beating your wife?" "But I haven't got a wife" "If you had a wife would you beat her?"..and so it goes on.

    Then up pops the news reader. "Minister makes statements regarding domestic violence, outraged pop star says, 'but he isn't even married!'!

  2. And then Norman Smith pipes up: "Although the Minister did not admit to beating his non-existent wife, this episode will be embarrassing for the Government and the Prime Minister will endeavour to deflect attention away from it. In the context of difficult and dangerous Brexit negotiations, she can ill afford a row about domestic violence which some say might again become legal once we leave Europe."

  3. Agree with both the above comments. But isn't it possible the decision to cancel happened at a very early stage, before the trip had been approved, hence the BBC not reporting plans for a visit AND no reporting of cancellation?


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