Saturday 27 May 2017

Spirit of Manchester

Nick Robinson signed off with a heartening tale about the spirit of Manchester. Recalling the car crash in France that nearly killed him, he described how he was flown home - to Manchester - by air ambulance.

“The ambulance driver stuck his head through the door of the little Cessna plane on the tarmac at Manchester airport and said ‘I’m Gerry from Bury and you’re going to be okay’ “

Well, it was 1982. It struck me that if a driver stuck his head through a door in 2017 a greeting might be ‘I’m Bilal from Bolton and you’re going to die’.


  1. What a dreadful ego-driven programme. He might as well call it "I Agree with Nick".

    I listened for five minutes. Not one mention of Islam, Islamism, Jihad, Sharia or any other extremely relevant words. No, he made it sound like some random act of violence, almost a natural disaster - which of course Katty Kay wants us to believe it is...something we have to get used to like tornadoes and tusnamis.

  2. The BBC coverage of the Manchester bombing does have similarities with their well-rehearsed coverage of natural disasters - flooding for instance. From hands-on reporters with brand new wellies, all the talk is of communities coming together, of random acts of kindness, of tributes to the victims, of praise for the emergency services etc.

    That there might be blame attached to the Manchester bombing, and that it was caused by malice seems to have escaped the BBC's attention somewhat. Instead of showing us the flowers and candles, why don't these intrepid reporters force their way into the 'communities' where these atrocities are commissioned, and find out for us and then 'explain' why insufficient preventative measures are taken by the 'communities' to expose the bombers rather than harbouring them.

  3. Now there's an idea! Why not hold the vigil and place all the flowers and candles at the place where the bomb was made. Probably, placement of flowers would be interpreted as xenophobic.


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