Saturday 12 December 2020


The Telegraph's online headline at the moment reads Boris Johnson branded 'English nationalist' by former Tory chairman. The former Tory chairman in question is former BBC chairman Lord Patten and the story concerns those Royal Navy ships protecting our fishing grounds. The Telegraph, though leading with criticism of the government, features voices from both sides. Its paragraphs run as follows:

2 Critical
3 Supportive
1 Critical
5 Factual
8 Critical
4 Supportive 
Total Supportive: 7
Total Critical: 11

The BBC's equivalent report, now leading the BBC News website, has the headline Brexit: No-deal Navy threat 'irresponsible', says Tobias Ellwood and is noticeably less balanced. Its paragraphs run as follows:

2 Critical
4 Factual
7 Critical
2 Supportive
Total Supportive: 2
Total Critical: 9

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