Friday 17 June 2022


First they altered the BBC Style Guide to re-write the meaning of the word “gay” to mean same-gender attracted, rather than same-sex attracted, then they used red ink and a rubber to censor the testimony of a female rape victim so as not to offend her male transgender attacker, and now we learn that the BBC hired a trans organisation called Global Butterflies to train BBC staff on trans matters. 

Global Butterflies told them to be 'allies' and use their influence to sway the public and politicians. 

This has understandably raised both eyebrows and hackles:
Mary Harrington: This is a scandal. The BBC is meant to be politically neutral, not hiring ideologues to catechise their HR teams on how to ensure all staff enforce only one one side of perhaps the most controversial and divisive political issue out there.
The fascinating complication in this latest story of trans activism sweeping the BBC is that it was a BBC programme that broke it, with Stephen Nolan continuing his charge against trans extremism at the BBC

The BBC is still evidently caught in something of a civil war on the issue. 

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