Friday 17 June 2022

“Diversity? You're having a laugh!”

I've enjoyed many a Waldemar Januszczak documentary on art, including some for the BBC. He may hold views that make him 'very BBC', but he's not happy with the corporation at the moment, tweeting:
Yes - I'm on Sky Arts! The only arts channel left in Britain, now that the BBC is replacing BBC4 with the kiddy channel - BBC3. Think about that folks. ONE ARTS CHANNEL LEFT IN BRITAIN. Compare it to cooking, murder, property, costume drama etc. Diversity? You're having a laugh!

Well, Waldy, here at Is the BBC biased? we are now broadcasting Liszt's transcription for piano of my favourite Beethoven symphony, the Seventh, played by Cyprien Katsaris - a thing of beauty I've heard for the first time today. I've heard something very familiar with fresh ears, and without the need for ear-drops:

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