Wednesday 29 May 2013

Top Threes

Here's a snapshot - at 19.00 BST, 29th May 2013 - of the top three stories on several of the UK's leading broadcasters and newspapers. What does it tell you about their respective news priorities and biases?

ITV News 

1. Rigby fiancee left 'devastated'
Aimee West, the fiancee of Lee Rigby, says she has been left "devastated by the loss", adding that she was "extremely proud" of the soldier after he was killed in Woolwich.

2. Police hunt for missing teen
Police searching for a missing teenager have arrested a man on suspicion of kidnap. Georgia Williams, 17, has not been seen since leaving her home in Wellington, Shropshire, on Sunday evening.

3. First gay marriage in France
The first gay marriage in France has taken place in Montpelier between Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau.

Sky News

1. Woolwich: Lee Rigby's Cause Of Death Revealed
A post-mortem shows the soldier died from "multiple incised wounds" as police issue a new appeal for information over his murder.

2. 'Kidnap' Arrest In Hunt For Missing Teenager
A man is held on suspicion of kidnap, as police search for 17-year-old Georgia Williams, who has been missing since Sunday.

3. Crete Murder: Boyfriend Vows To Clear Name
A Briton accused of killing his girlfriend tells a Greek court he is innocent, insisting they had planned a future together.

BBC News 

1. UK 'ready to return Afghan suspects'
Up to 90 Afghans held at Camp Bastion are set to be returned to the Afghan authorities, the Ministry of Defence says, after their lawyers argue their detention could be unlawful.

2. EU nations allowed to ease austerity
The European Commission has said it will allow some EU member states to slow their pace of austerity cuts, amid concerns over growth.

3. First gay couple married in France
France's first gay wedding takes place amid tight security, just days after the controversial same-sex marriage bill was signed into law.

The Daily Telegraph

1. Climate change MP: humans may not be to blame for global warming
Tim Yeo, the chairman of the Commons Energy and Climate Change committee, says he accepts the earth’s temperature is increasing but that “natural phases” may be to blame.

2. Police: 'grave concerns' for missing 17-year-old
Police investigating the disappearance of Georgia Williams in Shropshire arrest 22-year-old Jamie Reynolds in Scotland.

3. France's first gay marriage couple 'honoured'
Vincent Autin and his partner Bruno Boileau, France's first gay couple to get married, say they are "honoured" and proud to "send a positive message to the whole world".

The Guardian

1. US drone strike kills Taliban deputy in Pakistan
Attack comes just days after Barack Obama announced new restrictions on the use of unmanned aircraft

2. OECD cuts British growth forecasts
Thinktank says eurozone crisis and debt will hit growth but urges chancellor to stick with spending cuts

3. Kabul: UK must hand over detainees
UK defence secretary has confirmed that 80-90 people are being held at Camp Bastion after claims emerge of jail facility

The Independent

1. US drone strike kills Taliban deputy chief in Pakistan
Attack is first since Barack Obama's speech on tougher regulations - and first since Pakistan election was won with anti-drone campaign

2. British forces agree to hand over Afghans held at 'illegal, secret' facility
Defence Secretary Philip Hammond denies claims of unlawful detention at centre compared to Guantanamo Bay

3. Inside the Aids virus: Research finds chink in armour that protects HIV
Discovery could help form new pills to strike at the infection just as it starts to attack

The Times

1. Insult claim as rail boss gets bonus of £100,000
The head of Network Rail will receive an annual bonus of almost £100,000 funded by the taxpayer even though the maintenance company has missed key performance targets.ent Autin (L) and Bruno Boileau sign the marriage register Gerard Julien/AFP/Getty Images 1 of 4

2. Police arrest man as fears rise for kidnapped teen
Police expressed grave concern today for the welfare of a 17-year-old girl who is thought to have been kidnapped.

3. Drone strike ‘kills Taleban deputy’
The Pakistani Taleban’s second-in-command was claimed to be among those killed in a drone strike today, the first launched by the US since elections in the country.


- Sky News and ITV News both consider the more personal stories to be of greatest interest. 
- The Telegraph's choice of lead story will appeal strongly to many of its readers. 
- The Times chooses the widest and most various mix of stories. 
- The Guardian and BBC largely sing from the same hymn-sheet.
- The Independent is quite close to the Guardian and BBC, but offers something different too.

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