Sunday 19 May 2013

Whitewashing Sex Gangs

I don’t expect many people are awake when IPM goes out. Yesterday morning Jennifer Tracey interviewed an expert on child sex abuse named Lydia Guthrie. Jennifer Tracey’s voice has a piercing shrillness that can set ones teeth on edge, but that wasn’t the only startling thing about that particular harsh awakening. The very reason for the interview was the heinous crimes of  ’nine men’ from Oxford not the University. Ms. Guthrie proceeded to expand at length on her experiences with the perpetrators of child sexual offences.   However, it soon became obvious that the group she was talking about were real paedophiles. You know, men (and women) who suffer from a genuine psychological maladjustment, in other words the white ones that are constantly cited to dissociate Asian Muslims from nasty racist Islamophobic implications. It may well be statistically true that white folk with misdirected sexual desire who pose an everlasting risk to the public constitute the majority of sex offenders. After all, they are the majority in the UK for the time being. These perpetrators, said Ms. Guthrie, frequently show remorse and regret, but are unlikely to be properly cured. They would, however, eventually need to be rehabilitated, unless we send them all to hell in a handcart. The treatment or lack of treatment available for such people is not the issue. Personally  I’d rather defer to expert opinion and don’t subscribe to the hang ‘em and flog ‘em principle. They do need help, but the priority is to protect the public.

We’re not talking about Muslim gangs that have been taught by Imams and their peers to disrespect kuffar women, and abuse pre-pubescent, needy, vulnerable non Muslim girls to assuage the pent up sexual frustration that stems from their ‘thou shalt not’ religious and cultural  beliefs. That is an entirely different matter. This is the bBC, which sets out to muddy the waters so as not to appear racist. They conflate rural, cultural aberrations  with psychologically damaged, predominantly white paedophiles, so as not to be thought racist. It’s a disgrace. 

One of their favourite Imams, Sheikh Mogra was on the Sunday Programme, desperately trying to undo what he sees as the damage done by Dr. Taj Hargey who has the good grace to face reality about Muslim grooming. Rather magnificently. 

The argument put by Asghar Bukhari of MPAC for brushing it under the carpet (“playing into the hands of the Islamophobic narrative”) is growing more and more desperate with each new revelation.  
Perhaps people should remind themselves of Israel’s tendency to self-examine, and stop seizing every opportunity to seize every opportunity. I refer to the ruthless exploitation of self-criticism by those who very well know they’ve been handed it on a plate. For the sake of opening up debate with the aim of resolving the whole issue. 

One of my least favourite people is Peter Oborne. He made himself look ridiculous with that ludicrous, clumsy Israel (Jewish) Lobby programme he cobbled together for Channel four. He made a complete idiot of himself, but his record on almost everything else goes quite a long way towards redeeming his reputation. Not completely. Hardly at all, in fact. 

Anyway, he was on radio 4 yesterday morning’s  Week in Westminster, and brought in two MPs who had been following the grooming phenomenon.   
Nicola Blackwood, Conservative MP for Oxford West, is a member of the home affairs select committee, which is conducting an investigation into grooming.
Labour’s Simon Danczuk is Labour MP for Rochdale. They understood the issue, even if Oborne didn’t.
“If you look at the local authority (Rochdale) there’s been very little scrutiny of the failings within Rochdale local authority. i don’t think there’s ever been a debate ‘in full council’ as it were, about the major failings within the authority itself. It’s a labour local authority as well in Rochdale and the number of times I’ve had the labour councillors come to me and tell me to stop raising this issue or to go quiet about it, or you’re causing the authority embarrassment, well I’m sorry, but my job, irrespective of party politics is to provide some civic leadership and some scrutiny of where things have gone wrong, so that we can start getting them to go right.”

A conspiracy, stifling information and gagging by Labour, a bit of a false flag operation on the part of IPM. All that without the aid of MI5 or a single spy or lie. All that’s needed now are more whistleblowers. See what I mean in my next piece.

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