Sunday 25 June 2017

Another 'No platforming' call

It's notable that it was the BBC guest on this morning's Broadcasting House press review who expressed the point of view that the Finsbury Park attack has to be seen in the context of "we" or "society or the government" having "allowed talkers like Katie Hopkins to have a space and have a voice". Ayo Akinwolere appears to believe that it's irresponsible to allow her a public platform.


  1. But we can't blame incidents of Islamic terrorism on the BBC giving Anjem Choudray and a host of other extremist voices so much air time over the years.

  2. Another mediocre media studies TV presenter is given the opportunity to pontificate. No doubt on the Mishal Husain model (she never complains about Saudi Arabia or Pakistan), you'll never hear him complain about hate speech in Nigeria.

  3. If they had committed a hate crime they would be being charged, be in no doubt about that.

    They haven't and it should therefore be seen as a freedom of speech issue, i.e. they should be allowed to say what they want within the law.

    If anybody actually asked, I'm sure a fairly large majority share their views about immigration and integration. The fact that the MSM choose to ignore this is the real issue.

  4. Another off peak 'apology' coming from a sulky poppet during the wee small hours due?


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