Tuesday 27 June 2017

Credit where credit's due

As noted elsewhere, this is a fine piece of BBC reporting from Newsnight's Richard Watson (featuring Col. Richard Kemp):

It may be twenty years too late but it's a wake-up call nonetheless. 


  1. I'd agree with this, I checked twice I was still watching Newsnight but this was good investigative journalism. I expect it'll be widely ignored inside and outside the BBC.

  2. It was good...for the BBC. But it dodged the key issue of how Al M related to the wider Muslim Brotherhood ideology and how they relate to traditional Islamic ideology.

    The BBC and all our main media conduits have absolutely no interest in discovering what is taught in the main Islamic university, Al Azhar in Cairo. Odd that isn't it? Wonder why they have absolutely no interest in that august institution? Surely they must there be reaching the peaceful, modern interpretation of Islam which our politicians assure us is the true Islam. Well, here's a suggestion: they don't wish us to know what is taught there...at the Islamic equivalent of Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, Paris and Bologna...because the reality conflicts with the MSM Fake News version.


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