Monday 5 June 2017

Brief terrorism round-up

Did anyone out there sit through the virtue-concert last night? Not me. The animated Barbie is very nice; she reminds me of a horseguard. 

Small girls may not realise that huge false eyelashes instantly make you ridiculous, especially in a hospital when you’re visiting an injured fan and trying to exude pathos. 
Robbie Williams demonstrates that even riches beyond one’s wildest dreams can’t turn the clock back. 
In fact the whole thing jarred and I couldn’t bear to listen to any more meaningless mantras and saccharine sentimentality. Not to mention the monotonous, screechy warbling.
Kathy Gyngell says the whole thing was unseemly and tasteless. 


Did you see the flame-haired woman on Sky interviewing three prominent Muslims? Consulting Dilly Hussain of 5Pillarz, Usama Hasan of Quilliam and the very angry guy who is often to be seen in the middle of the front row of The Big Questions doesn’t seem the ideal way forward, somehow. In the quest for answers, anyway. 
(There he is again, bottom right of the photo here. )

Oh look, the clip is on YouTube now. I see our friend is called Mohammed Khalil.

I think they’re saying, amongst other things, that terrorism, which is nothing to do with Islam, is mainly due to our foreign policy and that Muslims are also victims. “It’s the holy month of Ramadan. If (the terrorist) was a true Muslim he’d be in the mosque praying.” So there.


So one of the London Bridge terrorists appeared in a Channel 4 documentary about Jihadis.


“Good Morning Justin.”   “Good Morning Justin.”

(That was Justin Webb and Justin Welby on the Today Programme) The Archbish of C. was there to explain why terrorism isn’t all that much to do with Islam, and possibly a little bit to do with Christianity.
The media knows what the terrorists want, which is to divide us or something. And, they want to scare us into changing our way of life, but we’re determined not to let them. We must just carry on as we are; sitting ducks. 

Justin Welby says:
“Every time a terrorist Muslim is abused on a bus the terrorists have taken another step forward.”
I suppose that means we mustn’t abuse Muslims on the bus lest it makes the terrorists happy. 
Having so many Justins in one programme is a bit much, but I have to say having so many anonymouses in the comments is almost as confusing. If you need to sign in as anonymous, why not at least sign off with a handle?


  1. I also found the whole Manchester Concert tasteless. And Justin Bieber's ridiculous faked emotional outburst was unbelievable and disgraceful. I mean he didn't personally know any of the victims.

    I guess that Charity Rock all started with Live Aid. And we still don't know where all the raised money went to. Charity Rock is really all about tv exposure, music sales and just basically getting into the news while those artists bank balance rockets. And it all seems a bit exploitative and insincere. And no, I'd never even heard of Ariana whats her name. Yet through tragedy she became famous overnight.

    John - London

    1. Probably best that middle aged men keep their opinions to themselves when it comes to things intended for teenaged girls. The show bought happiness, maybe not to you but to who it was intended for. Love the (rest of the) blog by the way. Usually.

  2. The "embarrassing" conversation we need to have is "What's in the Koran and do you, UK Muslims, believe it is literally true and that you are obliged to follow its commands?" Clear answers please, no Taqiyya.

  3. I suppose the hospitalised fans would have preferred to see their heroine as they know her rather than in her 'just off to Asda look'. If that means fake eyelashes, then so be it.

    1. You’re right. The hospitalised fans probably would prefer to see Ariana in false eyelashes. Come to think of it false eyelashes (huge) look even more ridiculous in Asda.


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