Monday 5 June 2017

"Do we have a very biased BBC audience, do you think?"

Here's a darkly amusing vignette from this week's Have I Got News For You. The BBC studio audience had just loudly applauded yet another anti-Tory joke when a thought popped into guest presenter Victoria Coren's head:
Victoria Coren: Now I'm worried about the applause. Do we have a very biased BBC audience, do you think? 
Ian Hislop: It would be an outrage if we don't. 
Victoria Coren: I'm already worried that I've made too many jokes about Theresa May and not enough about Jeremy Corbyn. Mind you, you say a bad thing about Jeremy Corbyn, you get enough shit on the internet if you're not Jewish, so...I think I'll leave it. 


  1. I think this was a moment of genuine concern for Victoria - before she was able to compose herself and quickly think of a one-liner in order to laugh off an awkward situation.

  2. Good for her for saying it, but I still have no sympathy for her if she gets flamed on Twitter for it. She'll vote Labour anyway.

    Presumably she will be reprimanded by the BBC for telling the truth.

  3. I liked Jo Brands comment on Have I got News for You this week (something like ) The BBC is biased to the party you didn't vote for.


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