Sunday 25 June 2017

Recommended reading

There's an excellent gathering-together of some of the latest BBC bias-related matters from Kathy Gyngell over at The Conservative Woman: Scenting Tory blood, the BBC crank up the anti-Brexit propaganda. It is well worth a close read. 

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  1. As our old friend Lenin might have said..."What is to be done?"

    1. "Democratise the BBC." For me that means making its board elected by all licence fee payers, switching from a licence fee to an opt out subscription service within 10 years, slashing the BBC bureaucracy and reforming the senior appointment process.

    2. "Control mass immigration." Ignore the siren voices who say it can’t be done: Japan, South Korea and Australia all have effective controls. Make permanent migration to the UK dependent on meeting a high level language test and a stringent values test, ensuring people coming here support democracy, and rule of parliamentary law and oppose polygamy, hatred of gays, racism, religious supremacism etc.

    3. "Disband the Equality and Human Rights Commission". Replace it with an “Integration and Personal Development Commission”. No longer adhering to multiculturalism, feminism and group rights, it would promote cultural integration, British values, and a personal development ethic. It would have a specific mandate to combat bullying, low aspiration, nepotism, unfair internship systems. political intimidation, and group pressure on individuals to conform.

    4. "Defund all closed thought university courses" ie those courses that do not offer a respectful treatment of differing academic viewpoints or that promote extreme multiculturalism.

    [I consider myself a left of centre populist, not a "Conservative", whatever that might be, but now is the time for all people not seduced by BBC Blairism, Corbynista Marxism, EU superstatism and globalist PC multiculturalism to unite in defiance of the ice age conformism that is freezing all our best instincts.]


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