Saturday 24 June 2017


I missed this (among so many other things recently) but DownBoy at Biased BBC made an interesting comment yesterday:

I wanted to highlight something I heard a couple of weeks ago. It is sometimes the throwaway remarks or the way things are phrased that show bias the most clearly. Sarah Montague (aka Lady Brooke – an old Co. Fermanagh title) was discussing the DUP. She described them as the ‘more extreme’ Unionist party. What the hell is that supposed to mean? In her mind, the DUP are a sort of Ulster version of ISIS whereas the UUP are merely equivalent to Al Nusra Front? Very telling choice of phrase I thought.

Checking it out, this is what Sarah Montague said in reference to the DUP (during an interview with Lord Trimble on 13 June):
But you have the of the most extreme unionist parties who we're talking about here. 
That is a very telling choice of phrase.

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