Saturday 24 June 2017

Metal Machine Music

A little light relief for a Saturday morning...

Update: I'm claiming nothing, but this hilarious BBC piece has since 'gone viral'. We, however, were here (almost) first - like the time-honoured German parking his towel on our English sunbeds in sunny España - so I'm claiming this for ITBB. I'm also claiming Antarctica and Mars for ITBB. Sue, as is only right and proper, will be Empress of Mars and I will be more than happy to be Emperor of the penguins (though not without radiators and internet access). 


  1. Whatever you say about Radiohead’s music, at least they had independence of mind to tour Israel - despite the efforts of that boring old hypocrite Roger Waters to cancel the tour.

    1. Agreed Terry. I do like Radiohead's music as well.

  2. This explains the enthusiastic reception for Corbyn.


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