Monday 5 June 2017

Fake complaints about BBC bias

Talking about 'fake news'....

There's another 'BBC bias' complaint being pushed on Twitter this afternoon after someone tweeted this damning-looking set of images from today's The Daily Politics:

Yes, it's 'BBC bias' folks! 

The problem (for them) is that it's 'fake news'. 

Watch The Daily Politics for yourselves and screengrab all the images used in that introduction and you'll discover that the inventor of this meme is nothing but a Liar, Liar. 

Here are all the images used by The Daily Politics about Mrs May's record (in order of broadcast):

I'm sure you can see what our very naughty Labour supporter did there, can't you? He or she cherry-picked from the DP's images in an entirely dishonest way in order to make the BBC look disgracefully biased towards the Tories. Tut, tut!


Now, if that particular Liar, Liar had been honest and showed all the Theresa May images and then all the Jeremy Corbyn images, they might have had a point, given that 4/5 of the Jeremy Corbyn ones were negative for Mr Corbyn while 4/6 of the Theresa May ones were negative for her - i.e. the selection was slightly more negative for Mr Corbyn than it was for Mrs May.

But who want's 'slightly' when you can have 'totally' and, thus, kick up a Twitter storm? - especially when all you need to do is to mock up a highly misleading sample of all the images used and then cross your fingers and hope that no one bothers to check, or hope that the people who read and share your deceitful tweet will prove far too partisan to care if it's untrue (perhaps because it points to 'a bigger truth'!) - even after they've been shown, beyond any reasonable doubt, that it's just one big, fat lie. 

Another 'complaint from both sides' bites the dust!


  1. Nice catch. The data keep adding up on these.

  2. Don't tell Paul Mason or Owen Jones; their heads would explode.

    Or they would ignore it.

    One of the two.


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