Monday 26 June 2017

Snappy retort 2

While we’re on the subject of snappy retorts, how about this one, from the London Mayor.

The video of Sadiq Khan at the London Mayor’s Question Time refusing to promise  he’d raise the matter of Hezbollah with the Home Secretary, could have gone viral.

Has it gone viral? Or have they deleted it?
Andrew Boff is the name of the man who asked for clarification as to what constitutes a banned terror organisation, after Hezbollah flags appeared during a march in the capital earlier this month.  Khan was riled.

 The Al Quds Day march is no harmless, virtuous Palestine Solidarity thing. The Washington Times has this: England is drunk on PC Kool-Aid
“Make no mistake, there is nothing pro-Palestinian or pro-Arab about Hezbollah. It is heavily engaged in the ongoing killing of Arab citizens of Syria in support of the brutal Assad regime. Hezbollah has been spreading terror around the world for decades. As far back as 1983, Hezbollah murdered 220 U.S. Marines and 21 other service personnel with a truck bomb at a U.S. Marine compound in Beirut, Lebanon. Hezbollah is dangerous, deadly and violent, as everyone knows. 
Among the countries that designate Hezbollah a terrorist organization are: Arab League, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, European Union, France, Gulf Cooperation Council, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States.  
Nevertheless, Hezbollah was granted permission to march through London. 
British authorities have gone mad. They have wedded political correctness to a revival of historical Jewish scapegoating, enabling a wave of destruction that threatens to go out of control. Britain has drunk the Kool-Aid. 

Of course Al Quds Day is the kind of thing that would appeal to Jeremy Corbyn’s followers. That kind of march is just up their street, so to speak.

 The Express reports that the BBC is in trouble for its peculiar coverage of Jeremy Corbyn’s Glastonbury gig.  
“The BBC has also been berated by Tory MPs who claimed the corporation is “out of control”.
Mr Corbyn will speak for the first time on the main Pyramid Stage, a year after cancelling an appearance on a much smaller platform.
But this year the Labour leader will take to the iconic stage before introducing hip-hop act Run The Jewels.
Revellers at Glastonbury, a festival long associated with Left-wing activism, have been heard singing ‘oh Jeremy Corbyn’, sung to the tune of White Stripes song Seven Nation Army, this morning.”
Labour politicians have ben spotted at the festival - attended by 200,000 people every year.
Former shadow chancellor Ed Balls and wife Yvette Cooper are at the event and John McDonnell will hold a discussion on Sunday.
Deputy leader Tom Watson is also at the festival which is notoriously difficult to secure tickets for.

Tory MP Philip Hollobone said: “The BBC is riddled with Left-wing bias from the Today programme downwards.
“They will seize any opportunity to get Theresa May out. Jeremy Corbyn at Glastonbury is a typical example of their behaviour… the BBC is out of control.”
Andrew Bridgen, another Tory MP, added: “The BBC will do everything they can to get their hero Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street. Now with things like this year’s Glastonbury, it’s becoming ever more blatant.
“They are at the stage where if the BBC give it one more push, we will end up with a Marxist in No 10.”

Isn’t it galling that Jeremy Corbyn’s new-found rock-god status has has managed to eclipse his appalling record and get it so quickly brushed under the carpet? It’s even more remarkable when you compare it with certain other BBC bogeymen whose past record is attached to them as permanent fixtures, in perpetuity.

Meanwhile, revellers are pictured at Glastonbury, some of whom seem all too willing to sweep Jeremy Corbyn’s reputation under the carpet


  1. Uncoincidentally, the 'Dyke Mark' in Chicago the other day banned flags with the Jewish Star on them, because it's a 'threatening' symbol. Because tolerance. The BBC covered it, and you can bet there are concerns over defending Zionism in staff meetings.

    The rainbow flags with the Jewish symbol "made people feel unsafe", an organiser told the Windy City Times.

    Laurel Grauer said she was told to leave the so-called Dyke March "because my flag was a trigger to people that they found offensive".

    The organisers later hit back, saying Israel hides behind LGBT-rights.

    The article appears balanced, and gives more space to the Jewish pride side, but the last bit gives away the bias of the Beeboids who published the piece. Out of all the people criticizing the organizers for the hypocrisy regarding 'inclusion', they quote Red State, a socially conservative hard-Right website. This automatically qualifies that side of the argument, and in a negative way.

    Literally thousands of middle-ground and even Left-wing commentators to choose from, but the BBC chose to make it left/right political instead.


    Mardell in full it news, analysis or opinion? Pretty obviously opinion, but not billed as such on the BBC's website. So more Fake News.

    Macron is described as a "populist" in the article! Lol ENA-educated, banker, worked closely with Hollande and was bankrolled by...well we don't know who.

    And I liked this bit:

    "In one sense, it is a very old politics but it is the product of the new politics. Back in 2008, I frequently mused aloud that I knew the financial crisis would produce new political movements - I just couldn't tell what they would be - and 11 years later I have had my answer in spades."

    So it's 2019 according to Mark Mardell. Maybe he was just thinking about how long the BBC have got to stop Brexit.

    1. Meet the new political movements, same as the old political movements, just dressed up differently. What's new about Corbynism or the French establishment? The only thing that's actually new is Trumpism (a crass non-politician showing up the ruling class and nomenklatura for the corrupt, incompetent lot they are), which Mardell hates with every fiber of his being.

      Mardell really is the worst. The only thing about which he frequently mused in 2008 was how Europe would quickly turn full Socialist and Green because of the financial crisis.

  3. Re Glastonbury, The BBC has always been keen on this white middle class music festival, but this year it seems every BBC show has been obliged to gush about how magically perfect every second of this years wonderfully beautiful glastonbury has been. Yawn.

  4. "The only thing that's actually new is Trumpism (a crass non-politician showing up the ruling class and nomenklatura for the corrupt, incompetent lot they are)"

    Or, alternatively, making willing fools of an electorate that think voting for a billionaire, crass or otherwise, is a smack in the eye for the establishment. Ho ho ho. He's corrupt and incompetent but we can ascribe that to fake news, right? Mostly because he says so. He's using office to further his own interests and what's novel about that exactly? Let not the BBC and MSM's juvenile obsession with him excuse the faults of this vulgar sociopath.

    Also Marianne, I like Glastonbury and music festivals in general. White middle-class people you can pretty much guarantee are providing the majority, if not all, of the commentary on this very site. That said, Corbyn's appearance at Glastonbury (feeding his cult-of-personality fetish) and BBC's fawning trumpeting of said appearance was wretched.


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