Tuesday 6 June 2017

Is Jeremy Corbyn antisemitic?

Is Jeremy Corbyn antisemitic? That’s the question that caught my eye in a “Times of Israel” article. 

Fact: Corbyn and his cronies, and many of his supporters, are a magnet for antisemites.
“A few days ago someone, pleading apparent ignorance, asked for evidence of Corbyn’s antisemitism. I and others played a straight bat, giving much documentary proof of how too many of Corbyn’s actions (or lack thereof) and/or his ” friends”  either are antisemitic or attract antisemites.  And how this atmosphere causes  slippage so that others listen and casually drift in the same direction. With chilling indifference, the questioner blanked my evidence, by saying it wasn’t evidence.”

Water(s) off a duck’s back. If they don’t wanna hear it, they ain’t gonna listen.

Is Jeremy Corbyn an antisemite? Well, maybe he doesn't consider himself to be one, but he obviously “understands those that are.” 


  1. Oh yeah, Roger Waters, probably the richest hypocrite in the country, though Jemima Khan might run him close.

  2. Sorry Sue, I'm off - topic, but I can't see where else to put this: Sky News at & pm showed, in its entirety, a rip - snorting speech by Boris, in which he listed the terrorist-supporting groups at whose meetings Corbyn had spoken. It was followed by T.May, giving one of her better performances, with only one wobble. BBC 10pm News showed only a couple of seconds of Boris introducing May, followed by May's wobble: struggling with a googly bowled by Kuenssberg. Corbyn was seen doing his Pied Piper act, surrounded by adoring acolytes. I've a nasty feeling I shall wake up on Friday to find the country is being run by Corbyn & Sturgeon. The Tories have only themselves (Cameron) to blame for not breaking the BBC while they had a chance; that and choosing a virtue - signalling wimp like May as leader.

    1. If you believe the latest Newsnight Panel then Corbyn is going to win by a landslide, but then a previous "representative" panel said that Remain would win by 9-1.


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