Friday 9 June 2017

"Brussels feeling strong + stable this morning"

According to The Daily Express, the BBC's Europe editor Katya Adler is guilty of  "APPALLING" BBC bias after she "GLOATS" that UK election result "could WRECK Brexit":

Now, the Express are certainly making a bit of a meal of it here but, nonetheless, this surely is symptomatic of what BBC editors do these days: They use sarcasm and they editorialise. 

She could still be right though. 


  1. I like that phrase - S&E - sarcasm and editorialising. They are all devotees of the S&E whip...used to give the "Tories" a lashing. Although the Conservatives won the election, it was really a victory for Fake News, for the whitewashing of Corbyn (why no questions about Hamas), McDonnell (why no questions about the IRA), Abbott (why no difficult questions about her paying for the private education of her son?), and Thornberry (why no difficult questions about her rentier lifestyle?), for the creation of an anti-Trump, anti-Brexit mood and for suppression of the truth about various aspects of public policy (e.g. the link between mass immigration and the pressure on public services and welfare).

    1. Jon Sopel is really into S&E these days.

  2. I suspect this result is the best possible outcome, for the BBC.
    It is a journalist fantasy, politics top of the agenda for the immediate future. And on a higher level, an anti-tory "feeling", the suggestion (hope) of a rolling back on Brexit, but nothing as dangerous as a genuine Corbyn victory and the left wing backlash against the corporation that would have happened.
    An election victory for... the BBC.

    1. I agree. The BBC Journalists are riding on the crest of a wave. Recently, they don't even bother to distinguish between their own biased opinion, fake news, and factual reporting. Perhaps they have become blind. They imagine that they are the ones driving events and the makers of news. Laura K on this morning's radio news said .... 'a senior Conservative told me that Theresa May must go'.... That May loses her position as PM is clearly uppermost in Laura's mind.



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