Sunday 22 July 2018


Martine Croxall giving the trumbs down to Brexit?

And now, before I go and lie down, here's a link to last night's paper review on the BBC News Channel which will bring us back to the reality of BBC bias:

Please watch BBC presenter Martine Croxall and pro-EU former Lib Dem spokeswoman Jo Phillips gang up on the pro-Brexit-sounding chap from the Evening Standard, and just savour the moment when Martine seems to realise that she'd gone too far in defence of the EU and makes an 'off course that's not my opinion' comment to camera before then, very soon after, returning to the fray with Jo and defending the EU against the chap from the Evening Standard who spent most of the episode saying he didn't agree with that. 

In less than 15 minutes this programme provided a classic demonstration of BBC bias in action. Listen to it while you can. Maybe complain to the BBC while you can. (Not that it will do you any good). 

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