Wednesday 25 July 2018

Poetic justice

When stuff comes back to bite you on t’bum

Sarah Champion c. 2014.

Terror police boost security for MP Sarah Champion over criticism of Asian sex gangs (£)

Everyone’s entitled to change their mind, but really, I had to smile at this prescient comment on HP: “Karma’s a bitch.”

This may only be tangentially related to the BBC, (until one remembers the way it “champions” all things Muslim) but the BBC hasn’t so far mentioned the fact that ‘terror police” have boosted security for Rotherham MP Champion, which one might consider newsworthy. The Times seemed to think it was.  
This next bit is laugh-out-loud bonkers. (You don’t think it’s anything to do with Sacha Baron Cohen, do you?)

“The strongest public attacks on Ms Champion, who campaigns for the victims of child sexual exploitation, have been made by a Rotherham-based racial justice charity, Just Yorkshire. 
The charity’s leader has accused the MP of “industrial-scale racism” and “inciting and inviting hatred against minorities”. One of its leading figures is a radical academic, Waqas Tufail, whose research speciality is Islamophobia and the “racialisation of crime”.

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  1. There's more than one bit of karma involved here. She also thought it hilarious that Farage was at one point prevented from going about his business during the 2015 election campaign I think it was, by a left wing hate mob that kept him trapped in a meeting venue, so he couldn't leave for several hours. Yep, that's the quality of our elected MPs. Well, now she knows what it means to be harrassed when you are simply exercising free speech and telling people how you see it. I hope nothing bad happens to her, but it is difficult to summon up sympathy for people who have previously approved of hate mobs, harrassment and denial of free speech. We now see Alex Cunningham MP backing a campaign by a left wing hate mob to shut down a Gays Against Sharia protest march. Perhaps Mr Karma will come and visit him in due course when the mob turns on him.


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