Monday 23 July 2018

Nothin like a dame

Is the BBC’s bias against Israel a niche subject? I only ask because I do worry that I’m getting boring. Harping on about it morning noon and night; I even bore myself.
It’s only when someone like Margaret Hodge who happens to be a dame (there is nothin’ like a dame) gets up and utters a naughty word that everyone sits up and goes “eh, what?”

What if I self-identify as a dame? I might try that later.

Anyhow, it seems that a combination of Labour’s machinations over creating a bespoke definition of antisemitism, and the incongruity of that effing word from the mouth of an effing dame has caused enough of a stir to startle even the BBC. 

Had Dame Margaret not sworn at the dear leader, this might not have attracted very much media interest because this antisemitism malarkey is becoming boring; everyone’s heard it all before and what about the poor Palestinians.

Following a link from a commenter on Harry’s Place, (yes, that’s niche. For niche people) I listened to an LBC phone-in programme, hosted by James O’Brien.  I’m not very familiar with LBC but I have heard the odd snippet from Iain Dale or Nick Ferrari’s programmes, and of course, we all know James O’Brien from his abbreviated stint on Newsnight.  

I have to ask any James O’Brien aficionados out there, do these broadcasts always start off with a protracted rant? Or was this one extra lengthy and extra ranty because the public couldn’t be arsed to phone in? 

Anyway, our host spent what seemed like eternity expounding on a revolutionary theory he’s thought long and hard about, concerning the antisemitism within the hard left; the Corbyn faction.

I’ll summarise:  these people have fought against racism all their lives and sincerely believe they can’t be antisemitic. Their (antisemitic) remarks (about Jews and Israel) are merely The Truth and Anything Different is Fake News.)

James O’Brien obviously thought this theory was very controversial, and he preempted the anticipated Twitter-storm by reminding us that he was by no means a fan of Israel, despite the outrageous fact that he has been accused (by Corbynista types) of being a Zionist shill.

A caller was chastised for alluding to “things we’re not allowed to say” and another, who momentarily referred to media bias was severely reprimanded for straying from the core topic (James O’Brien). Throughout, the Thing we’re Not Allowed to mention was not mentioned.

I have to say that this problem might never have grown so huge, nor become so entrenched, had the media not spent the last fifty years regurgitating Palestinian propaganda. 

Anyway, I’ve seen Luciana Berger and Dame Margaret Hodge on the BBC and Sky, so it seems the F-word is still effective, provided it’s uttered by someone other than Frankie Boyle and the like.


  1. “I’ve fought racism all my life” really is getting a bit tired. It’s the kind of claim that absolutely anybody could make. It costs nothing and means nothing. As is, “i’ve been called a Zionist shill” - i.e by someone even more brainwashed than I am. In O’Brien’s case doubly worse as he is complicit in the brainwashing.

  2. You're quite right to bang on about Israel. It's definitely a litmus test about the way our society is heading. Do you back little Israel? - the only state that resembles a liberal democracy in the area - or do you back the states based on military or political dictatorship or adherence to cruel Sharia law. This MP - Andrew Cunningham - knows where he stands. He's all for Sharia and against gays who are against Sharia. He's backing a counter demonstration...except we all know what that means don't we? Left wing/pro-Sharia hate mob seeking to close down free speech.

    1. Very well put MB.

      I note that Cunningham is claiming that “Gays against Sharia” is a faction of the EDL. No doubt if this is true it would be very convenient for him. It would also be completely beside the point. The two positions are not mutually exclusive, but you do have to wonder if people like Cunningham are merely fools or if this is yet another example of the sheer destructiveness of the left?

  3. A report on anti- semitism tonight on BBC 10 o’clock news was very sympathetic towards Labour and Corbyn. Views from both sides were given but the clear narrative was that Labour have simply tightened up loose wording and ‘why can’t Margaret Hodge just accept Labours reassurances?’

  4. You are not getting boring. It appears to many people who think for themselves that the BBC's misleading and inaccurate reporting on Israel/Palestine obstructs any chance of achieving peace other than by the elimination of the Israeli Jews. Meanwhile politicians and the media obsess about irrelevant definitions of antisemitism.

  5. Sue,
    You are not getting boring! If it is a niche subject that is because there are so few voices speaking out for Israel. In any fair world the outright dishonesty of the BBC and most of the MSM in reporting events in Israel would be one of the most shameful media scandals of the last half a century.

    There seems to be a suggestion from Corbyn’s supporters that his actions can be defended on the grounds of free speech. This is a colossal deception. If it were merely the right to criticise the actions of the Israeli Government, this is entirely proper in any free society. I would claim that right for myself. But the people Corbyn is allying himself to are calling for the destruction of Israel. This horrendous notion, the destruction of a free and democratic country, is shared not just by Hamas and various terrorist groups but by the Corbynista SJW left, and apparently by the BBC. That essentially is what anti-Zionism means. Corbyn’s talk of a two state solution is just part of the same deception.

  6. The BBC, and especially Norm, has spent a large chunk of the morning "quoting" the thoughts of Labour types on all this, in that unique way they have (the BBC; not Labour).


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