Saturday 5 January 2019


The previous post is, shock horror!, 'fake news'.

Well, as far as I'm aware anyhow - though I wouldn't put any of it past the BBC.

It was prompted by Rod Liddle's latest Spectator piece about the BBC's adaptation of Watership Down, which says the following:
I’ve just watched the four-part animated series of Watership Down, shown on the BBC, with my daughter. She was slightly more aghast than me to discover that the aforementioned Bigwig was a bruv from the ’hood. And still more repelled by the elevation of a minor female rabbit character into a doughty campaigner for justice, the transgendering of a rabbit called Strawberry, and, most hilariously, the does calling each other ‘sister’ and keening a song of freedom in an orgy of #MeToo victimhood — their importance to the book she too had loved vastly exaggerated for fatuous political reasons
That all sounds very BBC. 

And it follows in the wake of a dramatisation of Agatha Christie’s The ABC Murders which its writer declared to be a parable on 1930s xenophobia and fascism in the UK with relevance to Brexit Britain, and a Les Miserables that even its star felt was ahistorical in the 'diversity' of its casting.

Ah but, but don't forget impartial, left-leaning BBC Trending editor Mike Wendling...

Yes, BBC drama may have a massive, massive bias towards his way of thinking, despite all that 'BBC impartiality' thing, but aren't people like us 'snowflakes' for objecting?

(Answer: No).


  1. Completelt nothing to do with the BBC but I read Mr Liddle's article the other day and walked over Watership Down (part of Lord Lloyd-webber's Sydmonton estate) last Sunday. One of my dogs was attacked by a black lab. Dangerous place.

    Waved as I drove through Morecome on New Year's day on the way to Heysham to catch the IOM ferry. Happy New Year.

    1. I'm waving at you right now. Happy New Year to you too.


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