Saturday 5 January 2019

Maybe, just maybe, it's time for an apology, before time runs out

As you probably know (and I know some of you do know), top 1% BBC star Gary Lineker got into a spot of bother on Twitter recently for tweeting a bit of false, anti-Brexit scaremongering:

All and sundry, even some ardent Remain types, called him out on him falling for this hoax. And the Government itself called him out on this too. It was 'fake news'.

Weirdly, and to lots of consternation, Gary initially ignored the furore and the clamour for him to delete the tweet, until, late this afternoon, he finally deleted it.


He deleted it without posting any explanation why, and without apologising, and without acknowledging that he'd deleted the tweet or that there's been a furore about this tweet.

Very BBC.

As the BBC, from the very top down, has recently given Gary - as a BBC Sports presenter - carte blanche to be as opinionated as he likes about politically controversial matters, given that he isn't part of the BBC's News and Current Affairs area, he's carrying on sounding off just as unimpartially as ever. 

Still, shouldn't he have 'fessed up? 

Whenever I've made major mistakes here at Is the BBC biased? I've felt it only right to confess and apologise without making excuses. 

So why doesn't Gary Lineker just do the same? We all get things wrong after all. 

Does he feel himself too important to apologise?

One for Mike & Co. at BBC Trending maybe?


  1. The worst thing about that Fake News leaflet promoted by Gary Lineker is that it is deliberately trying to sabotage the NHS by getting people to turn up their GP surgeries asking a long list of needless questions.

  2. So no clarification from Gary.
    When the BBC told Andrew Neil off for calling @carolecadwalla "mad cat woman"

    He retweeted this

    “There has been some discussion on here regarding a tweet from Andrew Neil about Carole Cadwalladr.
    He has deleted the tweet and recognises it was inappropriate."

    1. I mean AFNeil retweeted that as a clarification


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