Sunday 6 January 2019

Questions to the Prime Minister

Those of you who think a 'no-deal Brexit' isn't necessarily a bad thing, and that fears about it are being overstated, probably won't have appreciated Andrew Marr's questions about it to Theresa May this morning
Andrew Marr: Let me explain why I have been going through the alternatives, which is: You have a deal on the table. It's almost certain - we may all be wrong - but it looks very like you don't at the moment have the numbers to get through the House of Commons on that deal. If that deal falls, and all the alternatives we've talked about also fall, because you won't implement them, then we are heading, you know, day by day, week by week, towards no-deal, something you yourself have described as 'chaotic', and your ministers are clearly very worried about. Surely it would be utterly irresponsible to take this country to no-deal, and many people who know you quite well will say, you know what, Theresa May, deep down, will not take us to no-deal; she will find a way to avoid that.  
Theresa MayI've always said that no-deal is better than a bad deal. What we have on the table is a good deal. 
Andrew MarrYou're not quite answering my question. You are taking us towards no-deal. Of course you want to win your vote but if you don't win your vote and you've ruled out the other alternatives, you are taking us towards no-deal, something that could be really, really damaging to an awful lot of people in this country.
 I'm guessing he's not a great fan of a 'no-deal' Brexit.


  1. It's typical of how practically all BBC and establishment media discussion of the subject starts from and proceeds on a basis of ignoring the actual referendum vote to leave result.

    1. With the honourable exceptions of the Daily & Sunday Telegraph!

    2. The Telegraph is a place of refuge...I'm not sure it's a citadel though.

  2. You know that's amazing...because on The World This Weekend there was another guy, Mark Mardell, I think, whose questions made clear he also assumed that "no deal" would be an absolute and unmitigated disaster (also without offering any kind of proof).


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