Sunday 27 January 2019


Here's an update to an earlier post:


  1. Tweeted Screengrab of the edits
    If the BBC were aiming to tell the truth
    .. then corrections would
    #1 Be made as quickly as possible
    #2 Be as prominent as possible
    NOT waiting 4 days, until a Friday afternoon
    NOT putting a correction note at the bottom, so a reader has to scroll to find it.. that is CYA not a proper correction.

    Typical BiasedBBC MO ..use stealth edits to construct a folk tale narrative ..and then move on.

    1. My error the correction was on Saturday afternoon, that's 5 days later

    2. 5 days to make a half-baked correction (where hardly anyone will see it)!

  2. [img][/img]

  3. NewsBusters said : "the impulse is the same: Get Trump, the facts be damned. "

    these stories \\spring from that one source: sheer hatred not just of President Donald Trump but of his supporters.
    Hence all the fury directed at those red MAGA hats - hats that bear a slogan first used not by Donald Trump but by Ronald Reagan - and, yes indeed, Bill Clinton.
    The American “fake news” media, so obsessed by its Trump Derangement Syndrome, will in fact repeatedly report anything that they think is useful in eradicating the Trump presidency and discrediting Trump supporting Americans. //


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