Monday 7 January 2019

Mishal's Golden Globes

Last night's early evening news bulletin on BBC One was presented by Mishal Husain. At one point she said the following
The film and television awards season begins in Los Angeles tonight with the Golden Globes. This year women are being recognised in large numbers - hopefully signalling a shift in traditionally male dominated Hollywood.
As TrickCyclist said, "You keep your hopes to yourself, mate, and just read the news."


  1. How odd...Mishal went on a nostalgic return trip to the United Arab Emirates. It's a very long essay she wrote about that...Nowhere does she refer to the UAE being "traditionally male dominated".

    I can only assume that was not an oversight and reflects rather the fact that the UAE must be the "Sweden of the Gulf" with full gender parity. Perhaps Hollywood moguls should send some researchers to the UAE to see how they do things there so that the poor downtrodden female stars of the industry can be relieved of the might oppression that besets them.

  2. In the Today programme on Dec 27 Mishal Husain interviewed Mary Robinson (former Irish President/UN High Commissioner for Human Rights) and touched on the strange case of the "runaway" Princess Latifa who was brought back to the UAE by force last year.

    Not knowing anything about the matter previously I assumed that the Princess was a minor, or at least in her teens. No, it turned out she is 33 years old. The (IMHO, very naive) Mary Robinson described her as a "clearly troubled" young woman and assured the BBC that it was all just a family matter.

    I was "troubled", myself, just listening to that.


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