Saturday 5 January 2019

Our Own Correspondents

The first From Our Own Correspondent of 2019 featured a few interesting pieces and plenty of fine writing, but the piece from the BBC's Anna Foster the Central African Republic follows a trend we've recorded before

The BBC has previously downplayed the role that Muslim fighters played in causing the Muslim-Christian slaughter in the country. And they've previously focused on the plight of minority Muslims there rather than the massacres against the Christian majority. 

And today's FOOC similarly skirted around the murderous Muslim fanaticism behind the start of the civil, potentially misleading listeners into thinking that Christian militias were the cause of the war rather than being a reaction to Muslim atrocities. 

And, again, FOOC focused on the plight of the Muslim community there, despite the major massacres there, including all the recent ones, being perpetrated by Muslims against Christians. 

There's something deeply ingrained in BBC thinking here, and you have to read beyond the BBC to see how perverse it is. 

And the second story was related to Brazil's newly elected president Jair Bolsonaro. 

My goodness, if you ever doubted that the BBC takes positions on foreign affairs, just listen to the report on FOOC today, including Kate Adie's introduction! 

Mr Bolsonaro's not my cup of Brazilian coffee either, but I'm no licence-fee-funded broadcaster.

I'll quote the programme's website to give you a hint of it:
As a proudly homophobic, far-right president assumes office in Brazil, Simon Maybin meets some of the country’s gay footballers 
It was a highly opinionated, emotive piece - the radio equivalent of a fine, right-thinking Guardian column. And yet Simon is a BBC journalist.  

Can't the BBC try to strike a little deeper into why such an extreme figure was elected rather than just keep flinging '-ist/-ism' epithets around and siding with the nasty man's electorally-defeated enemies?


  1. When did Bolsonaro make his famous statement about "a gay son" ?
    AFAIK it was 2010
    Is that their best evidence for calling him homophobic ?
    They point to a Nat Geo interview two years ago
    \\ What he said was: if being homophobic means caring for our family values, disagreeing with the "gay kit" project from leftist parties, which includes showing scenes of gay kisses to five year old children in school as an attempt to "make it seem normal from the beginning", and not being okay with gender ideology in schools, then I am homophobic with pride. //

  2. It's incredible the way the metro-liberal mob go around throwing labels on people in a way to simply dismiss them.
    That type of behaviour is the same that you'd get from old time bigots as they labelled an dismissed minorities
    .. using the N-word etc.
    But the metro liberal mob seem to for the sake of politics delight in "bearing false witness" against people in this technique ie labelling people who are not racist as "racist, fascist etc."
    You can see them doing that against Farage etc.
    The wife of the Times editor mislabellng TR as a "wife beater" etc. and the Times having to print a measly correction.

    AFP reported "Right-wing Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro once said he'd rather have a dead son than one who came out of the closet, but that isn't stopping conservative gay voters from backing him in Sunday's decisive election run-off."

  3. Isn't CAR where, of the several hundred hundred BBC 'reporters' in Africa for the Madelathon, approximately zero got over there to find out what was going on?


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