Sunday 20 January 2019

In Praise of DB

Talking of DB (me and Sue's old blogging pal), he's on fire again at the moment, and his Twitter feed is a must - if you're into Twitter.

Please follow him if you can.

Here's a selection of his posts from the first three weeks of 2019:


Hmm. Maria reminds me of another pro-EU Newsnight employee with a Polish-sounding name, Maya Rostowski. Maya's apparent heavy involvement in a report slagging off her pro-EU Polish politician dad's political opponents, the conservative Law and Justice, raised eyebrows - to put it mildly.


Nomia's not a Rod Liddle fan, obviously. 

(In contrast, I thought this from Rod in this week's Spectator, on a related theme, was another gem from the former Today editor).

Nomia isn't new to us. She did a pro-hijab report for BBC One's news bulletins.


And here's that very The Young Talks video for your delectation, featuring alt-right-obsessed, left-wing, ever-so-impartial, senior BBC Trending guru Mike Wendling. Enjoy!


This preceded the previous example of the BBC leaping on an anti-Trump story from a major US mainstream media source and swallowing and regurgitating it hook, line and sinker (see next-to-last post). Here the BBC, making it their top News Website story, leaped on an anti-Trump Buzzfeed story that, like an insubstantial pageant, dissolved and appears to have left not a rack behind, leaving the BBC scrambling, discreetly, to bury its tracks. 


Ah yes, good old Hugh. Coat always hung up at the door of BBC impartiality. 

And that 'gotcha' so excited the BBC that Reality Check generalissimo Chris Morris was wheeled in in to deliver the coup de grace to poor, babbling Boris

Oddly, Chris's take (and other would-be 'reality checks' across the BBC, and elsewhere) piled on just three examples - two throwaway, somewhat ambiguous comments and one co-authored letter with Michael Gove and Gisela Stuart. 

And that was pretty much it. Where was the long, damning list of quotes?

And, to me, this actually, accidentally, showed that Boris had, in reality, made next to nothing of the Turkish EU accession question in the run-up to the EU referendum. 

But "latch on" and make "a huge gotcha moment" of it the BBC tried to do nonetheless.


This one was initially prompted by StewGreen:

Well done More or Less! The BBC's BBC Global Gender and Identity Correspondent (yes, really), to give her full official BBC title, certainly did get called out by Tim & Co, there. Ha ha. 

For more on Megha from me and Sue, please click here. She's very BBC - not into Ivana Trump, a fan of Naomi Klein, someone who wants to explain explain arranged marriage "to white people", and someone who deleted a tweet damning pro-gay rights Ireland for backing Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest!


And, OMG, here's something about Katty:

Yes, Katty actually just-about, in a roundabout, unspecific way, acknowledged that mainstream media types, leaped in too soon on the Buzzfeed Mueller story. but then - having, as DB noted, evidently learned nothing, was straight in their again on the Native American/MAGA-capped schoolboys media fiasco. 

Oh Katty, as we approach Burns Night, please bear this good-natured advice in mind:
O wad some Power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as ithers see us!
It wad frae mony a blunder free us,
An' foolish notion.
Aye to that! Cue bagpipes...


  1. Looking at DB's thread led me to BBC Hugh Sykes' twitter account. Rabidly anti-Trump and pro-Brexit. Must be in breach of the BBC's "coach and horses regularly driven through them" rules on "impartiality" (lol). It's like we say - they are getting more and more brazen.

    And does the BBC think it appropriate that one of their main presenters whom they recently had on QT (Nish Kumar) has a prominent cartoon of someone (who I wonder?) giving Trump a "rimming" I think it's called. Kumar also uses Twitter to abuse a democratically elected MEP - "F*ck you Nige".

    Can you imagine how he would be bleating about hate crime and oppression if "Nige" or anyone else responded in kind?

    Both Sykes and Kumar accept as gospel the "MAGA boys harass quaint Native American gent" narrative that Craig (among others) has shown to be a load of Kumar jokes.

    1. Whoops - not the first time I've done it and not the only one to have done it! lol "Pro-Brexit" should of course have read "pro-Remain" in Mr Sykes case (naturellement)!!

      But had - by some freak of nature - a BBC journalist hired to report objectively on such matters as the UK's membership of the EU been tweeting Leave propaganda, I would find that just as objectionable.

  2. The intersex thing was something I picked up and flagged here with comments about the Full Fact fact-checking service for Facebook, which was also covered by More or Less.

    1. @Anon Look at Katty, same on the R4Media Show a studio full of metroLib state broadcasters all agreeing :
      "FakeNews yes that's a thing over there on Facebook, no not us"

    2. Indeed, the Media Show had my ears popping at the complacency of the BBC and their media friends.


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